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DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with any of these films or with Studio Ghibli and do not take credit for any original images. This is simply an appreciation blog, I do not own anything.

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Anonymous said: ugh, i can't put my hand on it, but um. what is the moon from? (in your amazing sweaters set)

It’s from a night scene in Ponyo :)

ghibli scenery wear → set 1

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Anonymous said: wow the shirt is your idea? it looks awesome! Ghibli or somebody should pay for this idea and make it real! it's so beautiful <3

Lol I wish, I would like to make them, but there might be license and copyright issues. Thanks for the compliment though :D

Anonymous said: I absolutely cannot wait until the day your designs can be printed. They're amazing!

Thank you so much :’)

Little totoros! I admit this is one of my favourites.

Little totoros! I admit this is one of my favourites.

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stillpixilated said: Your Ghibli sweaters are amazing!!! I wish they were real!

Thank you! :’) I’m seriously considering finding a place to make them real. I’m going to be taking printmaking this year in my design degree so maybe I can figure something out :D


ghibli scenery wear → spirited away

ghibli scenery wear → howl’s moving castle 2

ghibli scenery wear → howl’s moving castle 2

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Ghibli Scenery Wear → Howl&#8217;s Moving Castle

Ghibli Scenery Wear → Howl’s Moving Castle

(Source: wondersofghibli)

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